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Tatami Rooms (Washitsu)

Almost all our rooms offer traditional Japanese Tatami rooms.
If you go back about 1,200 years, Tatami were only used as seating for highest aristocrats. After that, Tatami were gradually popularized and finally reached the homes of the common people.House built in Tokyo today often have very few tatami, and homes without tatami and with wooden floors have grown in popularity.
Feel and Experience the Japanese traditional culture at our accommodation.

Enjoy the traditional Japanese Futon(Japanese Mattresses)

the traditional Japanese Futon:Fuji Midori no Kyuka-muraA Traditional Japanese House doesn’t have designated rooms; each room may have several purposes such as a dining room, living room, bed room.
Futon sets are folded in the Oshiire closet during the day and set out in the evening after dinner.
Please unroll and roll up the Futon yourself in accordance with Japanese culture!


  • There are 2 types of rooms in our accommodation facility.
    Type B is equipped with a Toilet.
    Type A does not have a bathroom.
    Room types cannot be reserved.
  • All rooms are non-smoking
    (We have a smoking room)
  • Take your shoes off in Tatami rooms
    It is prohibited to wear shoes on Tatami.
    ・Wi-Fi connections available

Hot springs


During the Edo period (present day Tokyo) 200 years ago. a traditional Japanese house didn’t have a bathroom, therefore people used public baths. It was one of the daily pleasures for them. The tradition continues today, Many Japanese style accommodation still isn’t equipped with a bathroom in a room. And they are still using public baths.

Our accommodation facilities “Fuji Midori no kyuka-mura” doesn’t have a bathroom in a room. Please enjoy our public bath on the 1st floor or neighboring Hot spring facility “Yurari” and enjoy Japanese traditional style bath and atmosphere.

There is a great view of Mt. Fuji from the open air bath and we also have a big indoor bath. Please have a relaxing time whilst viewing majestic Mt.Fuji.

About neighboring Hot spring facility’Yurari’

There are 16 different types of baths available,and they also have restaurant and relaxation room. An admission fee is required (includes rental towel) You can see a frontal view of Mt. Fuji from the open air bath.


  • Our guests can use the public bath on the 1st floor for free
  • Opening hours 15:00~23:00、6:00~9:00
  • When you use the public bath, please take the bath towel and hand towel from your room to the public bath.
  • We offer Shampoo and Soap in the public bath.


There are manners for having a Hot spring

manners for having a Hot spring:Fuji Midori no Kyuka-mura

Meal service

BreakfastMeal service:Fuji Midori no Kyuka-mura

We offer Meal service at the Restaurant.
Enjoy the perfect morning start buffet breakfast, which includes eggs, fresh bakery, and fresh brewed coffee, Japanese traditional breakfast.

  • Breakfast start 7:00-8:30 finish time 9:00


Japanese traditional set menu

April to September

Dinner buffet

October to March

Enjoy more than 10 traditional Japanese dishes with the best seasonal ingredients around Mt. Fuji

We had been offering buffet-style breakfast and dinner from October to March. However, we are currently refraining from providing buffet-style meals for the time being.Thank you for your understanding in advance.
  • Dinner start 18:00-18:30 finish time 21:00

It is one of the pleasures to stay Fuji Midori no Kyuka-mura!


  • If your package includes dinner, please arrive by 18:00
  • Please don’t bring your foods and drinks into the restaurant
  • Please don’t take out your food, please eat at the restaurant